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Madrid Rental Market Insights June 2021

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RentYourNest provides you the most recent rental market insights for your units in Madrid updated as of June 2021 🚀

Rental Market in Madrid in June 2021

The new season is coming, also thanks to the vaccine efficacy, the rental market in Madrid is rising.

How much should you ask for your unit in Madrid?

  • Flat: €1119
  • Studio: €785
  • Shared room: €485

These values come from the HousingAnywhere European Rent Index. As of June 2021, we see a recovery for flats, but not for studios and shared rooms with respect to the previous quarter.

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Madrid: the capital of the rental market

Over the last ten years, several Spanish cities modernized their urban centers in the hope of attracting more students and young professionals.

Madrid is recognised as a European capital in terms of university hub. Not only, the vibrant economic development typical of a European capital attracts human capital from abroad.

Madrid and the student housing

Investors have recently focused on a new asset class: PBSAs. PBSA, acronym of Purpose Built Student Accommodation, refers to a building entirely dedicated to student rentals.

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Confirming the hidden value of this asset class, developers like RESA, GSA, CBRE and Greystar have heavily invested in this sector.

How can you differentiate?

Starting from the fact that you cannot compete with the CBREs of this world in terms of units managed, you should focus on your target: tenants.

To beat them, you should differentiate your service in a way they can’t. How?

RentYourNest allows you to give a free mobile app to each of your tenants, from which they can:

  • pay rent and expenses
  • e-sign documents, like the lease agreement
  • stay in touch for maintenances and communications

Tenants expectations in Madrid

What are Madrid’s tenants looking for when coming to the Spanish capital?

  1. Save time and money. This is why you should offer an all-inclusive price, so that your tenants just enjoy living their life
  2. Location. Tenants do not want to necessarily be near the University, most want to be near the city center. Remember: studying is firstly a new life experience for your tenants
  3. Relaxed and private space to study. Here you can provide your tenants with a very simple leaflet with the main point of interest, such as study rooms
  4. Additional services. If you are able to add laundry, cleanings, and similar services to your offer you have made bingo!

Want to know more? Here are some details, in Spanish 🙂

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